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Batikarma Bohemian Recycled Yoga + Surf Towels

Batikarma is a sweet crew of conscious individuals that are dedicated to producing ethical epic tie-dye towels
made from post-consumer recycled materials.
We call the ocean our home, than in the end WATER IS LIFE,
so we give tribute with every sold towel!
And not only the ocean benefits from your purchase
we collaborate with mindful young artist to always assure an inspiring unique design on your new towel.  
We working every day on strengthening our relationships
with ocean conservation projects that really make a difference!
We investigate if their word is their work, 
so you can trust your money is reaching the real 
Eco-warriors and Ocean-defenders!  
So how is riding a wave or 
backpacking through the world gonna make a difference?
By simply shopping sustainable multifunctional products, like our recycled towels! Spread the Love guys! We need you on our mission for clean Oceans!


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