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We have an undeniable connection to the ocean, 
we surf,
we dive,
we kite,
you name it.
And we also have a big sister syndrome of protecting all its inhabitants.
Although we don’t wanna blame anyone, but NOW its about time
that businesses unite
and do something about the garbage islands out there.
We will change your consumer habit in a fun way.
Watch us!

Batikarma Giving Back to Ocean Conservation with every sale

 10% of every sale from our recycled towels is going 
to organization that promote education on beach littering,
marine life conservation and recycling!
we don’t claim to be perfect (yet!)
but we started anyway,
because we are sure to become a helping hand in
global oceanic plastic pollution protection.


Batikarma Recycled Yoga Towels - Giving Back | CleanCBatikarma Recycled Yoga Towels | Giving Back | Surfrider



We take good care of looking into each organization we team up with
to make sure, your money and our help are not taken for granted.
So in time, we will be able to help more than one Non Profit organization.
If you know about solid activists out there, that we should become aware of,
please send us and email to: 



Batikarma Giving back to Beach Clean-ups

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